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Web Trackers
January 31, 2024
Fortalice Solutions

Tracking Web Trackers

As of December 2023, there were more than 260 privacy-related lawsuits stemming from web tracking technologies. Web trackers, such as Facebook’s Meta Pixel or Google Analytics, continue to raise privacy concerns for end-users. Meanwhile, as this issue negatively impacts organizations, the need for structured and comprehensive guidance around how to tackle web tracking technologies has never been more vital.

Fortalice Continuous Web Tracker Monitoring TM provides a foundational methodology for guiding those organizations facing web tracking technology challenges. Within its proprietary methodology, Fortalice frames web tracking technologies as cyclical. The continuous management of web tracking technologies requires a consistent and informed process across all disciplines of an organization.


Understand and inventory existing third-party tracking technologies within the organization. Acknowledge the use, purpose, and origin of these technologies.


For those identified trackers, perform necessary verification and testing to understand what data elements (e.g., PHI, PII, HIPAA-related information) are being sent.


Looking at the data, assess if it is permissible under HIPAA and other data privacy regulations.


For those trackers evaluated as "unacceptable," perform the necessary remediation actions, including requesting a business associate agreement (BAA),discontinuing technology usage, and re-evaluating vendor relationships.


Retain an ongoing registry of third-party tracking technologies. Perform periodic reviews around the use, access, data elements, justifications of use, and approvals.


Proactively evaluate and scan the environment for the potential use of unrecognized third-party trackers.


Establish internal organization thresholds for future third-party tracking usage around campaigns, implementations, and integrations of new technologies and vendors.

Given HIPPA laws and regulations, the challenges stemming from third-party tracking technology primarily impacts the healthcare industry. Increasingly, however, the challenge is also affecting other industries, including the entertainment, pharmaceutical, and retail sectors. Ever vigilant, Fortalice remains proactive in this space, standing at the forefront of understanding, evaluating, and navigating this ever evolving and difficult challenge.

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