your Security.

Our highly-skilled practitioners are trained to meet clients where they are – whether that be in the midst of a crisis or proactively seeking cybersecurity services.

What is Fortified Security?

Fortalice was founded to be the security company that was lacking when we were in senior levels of government and industry. Fortalice is defined as a small fort, fortified house, or outwork of fortification. Informally around Fortalice, we have two inside jokes – first, it’s “Fort-a-liss"… not “Fort-alice” or “Fort-a-leeeese"; second - the verb form of Fortalice is “Fortified”. + READ

Are You

We believe preparation is the best strategy to protect an organization.


Offensive Perspectives

Over on our Vimeo, Fortalice Director of Offensive Cybersecurity Operations (OCO) Matt Shirley talks the red team's perspective on cyber threats and exploiting them on behalf of our clients. + READ


We transform a reactive security model into a proactive, results-based model.


Election Security and Cybersecurity Best Practices

CEO & Founder Theresa Payton spoke to Julie Mason, Host of the Press Pool with Julie Mason on SiriusXM, following the historic 2020 election. Theresa and Julie had a general catch-up covering election security and cybersecurity best practices. + READ


We protect and strengthen against cybercrime and predict where crime is going.