Fortalice Service Offerings

Fortalice understands a single misstep in your security program can disrupt your organization’s business continuity, erode brand reputation, and cost valuable time and resources.  That’s why we provide our clients with personalized, end-to-end services built on our proven methodology that integrates the following cybersecurity disciplines: incident response, offensive cybersecurity operations, open-source intelligence, risk and compliance services, security engineering, and strategic communications.

Incident Response

There are new cyber threats on the horizon everyday. Who will you call when the unthinkable happens? Fortalice engineers are security practitioners who understand both the technical aspect of a cyber incident as well as the business challenges an incident introduces. In times of crisis, our incident response team can swiftly handle an incident from triage to remediation.​

Offensive Cybersecurity Operations (OCO)​
Every cybersecurity program, regardless of maturity or scope, eventually requires a critical eye be turned inward. The Fortalice Offensive Cybersecurity Operations (OCO) team at Fortalice Solutions is always ready to assist your organization with its assessment needs.

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)
​Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is essential to all online security work. Our agile, world-class Fortalice OSINT team acts preemptively to the cyber threats our clients face in the digital space. We attack the attack before it happens. We solve the challenge of data and alert overload through our unique delivery of human-curated threat intelligence, investigation, and analysis.​

Risk and Compliance Services
In and ever-evolving threat landscape, our Custom Solutions team focuses on the risks to our client’s environment. We tailor our approach to your organization’s strengths, greatest threats, and proven mitigations, while measuring your cyber posture against required risk frameworks, including NIST, ISO, and HiTrust

Security Engineering
No matter how much vendors extoll their latest tool offerings, there is no single, magic cybersecurity pill that will bulletproof your environment. Fortalice engineers are industry-certified experts who will help you define and implement a defensive security blueprint.

Strategic Communications
The benefits of a holistic cybersecurity communication strategy within an organization is critical. To that end, Fortalice designs board briefings, table-top exercises, and communications plans and strategies that fortify security  across every level of your organization. ​

The Fortalice Service Difference

From server room to the boardroom and from the halls of government to your own personal network, Fortalice stands ready to fortify your commercial, government, and personal cybersecurity and safety needs. Our teams of experts have walked in your shoes at the highest levels of the public and private sectors. Our unique experience enables us to advise you on the best approach to improve your security program, suggest implementation plans, and assist with chosen implementation pathways. ​