Fortalice Services

Commercial Cybersecurity

A single misstep in your security program can disrupt your organization’s business continuity, erode brand reputation, and cost valuable time, resources, and money to resolve.

We provide personalized, end-to-end services built on a proven methodology that integrates the following cybersecurity disciplines: offensive cybersecurity, security engineering, risk and compliance, and strategic communications. In times of crisis, our incident response and open source intelligence teams can swiftly handle an incident from triage to remediation.

Our team works collaboratively to create actionable recommendations for all levels of the organization—from the board to the server room.

At any point, Fortalice can present board briefings, create webinars, and establish executive coaching to fortify your security across every level of your business across various platforms. Our goal is to keep your company abreast of modern cyber threats and create a defensive strategy with practical solutions to strengthen and support your key business objectives.

Government Cybersecurity

Every government executive faces a set of unique challenges to answer the call of the country you are trying to protect. Executing the mission, while managing budget pressures with a series of unfunded security mandates, while protecting taxpayer and sensitive data, and trying to employ cutting edge technology access across the organization, is no easy feat.

Our teams of experts have walked in your shoes at the highest levels of government. This unique experience can be harnessed to help advise you on the best approach to improve your security program, suggest implementation plans and assist with chosen implementation pathways. Our offensive cybersecurity, security engineering, risk and compliance, and strategic communications teams stand ready to fortify your security.

Personal Cybersecurity

All of us are vulnerable to opportunistic online predators. We provide a way to attack the attack before it happens. We solve the challenge of data and alert overload through our unique delivery of human-curated threat intelligence, investigation, and analysis.

We assist with crisis management for those that fall victim to online predators – we can triage the situation swiftly and restore your digital footprint. We work directly with you or join the team already helping.

We work to design and implement digital and phsyical security fusion centers. We will assess your current approaches and suggest integrated approaches for bringing your protection into the 21st century.

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