Fortalice Solutions Cybersecurity Training

Fortalice works with organizations – big and small, technical and non-technical, around the globe – to bring our signature white glove service to cutting-edge cybersecurity educational training opportunities, including open-source intelligence, in-class (and virtual) offensive cybersecurity operations training, and general cybersecurity training, communications, and live expert Q&A sessions tailored to your organization’s needs. You can also check out our Experts Blog to learn about trending topics in cybersecurity.

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Open-Source Intelligence
(OSINT) Training

Whether you realize it or not, trivial social media posts or seemingly innocuous online data can have major security consequences for you and your organization. Threat actors are waiting to exploit this online information. So, before you see who liked those Facebook pictures you posted from last week’s office potluck, let’s talk about Fortalice OSINT Training. 

Our OSINT team consists of globally recognized leaders in OSINIT collection and training, and they host regular OSINT Training course where our global team of open-source intelligence experts will teach valuable lessons about how to strengthen individual and organizational security. The two-day virtual course covers an array of topics including advanced search engines, proactive intelligence research, imagery and video intelligence, data mining, and geolocation. 

Next Training Date:
April 10-11, 2024

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Offensive Security Certified Professional
(OSCP) Training

Are you a cybersecurity professional wanting to expand your knowledge or a student working toward your Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification? Fortalice can help thanks to our partnership with Immaculata University. 

This online course in Offensive Cybersecurity Operations (OCO) and OSINT is taught by seasoned practitioners - experts in their fields who have incorporated the latest tools, techniques, and procedures to allow students to exploit vulnerabilities and evade cybersecurity defenses. 

The class is designed for student learners and is an affordable opportunity for organizations to upskill, reward, and retain their existing cybersecurity and technology professionals.

Enrollment is now open!
Email to enroll! The class costs $1,500.