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Predicting the Future of Cybersecurity
May 3, 2024
Theresa Payton

Fortalice is celebrating its 10th year this year. And in every year since 2014, our founder and CEO, Theresa Payton, has gone out on a limb and made cybersecurity predictions based on her extensive experience in technology and cybersecurity. Theresa’s experience spans from the White House to the Board Rooms of some of America's biggest companies, and she offers these predictions annually to prepare our Fortalice clients for a range of cybersecurity events.  

Theresa’s annual predictions challenge the standard “one year from now” outlook and, instead, she tests her feel and analysis of the trends within the ever-evolving cybersecurity and cybercrime landscape by focusing her predictions out two years into the future.  

To commemorate Theresa’s latest batch of predictions, Fortalice will be unveiling her five 2023 predictions every Friday in May on our LinkedIn page. Theresa’s predictions, which were finalized in December 2023 paint an ominous picture of how malicious cyber actors may leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart technology in 2025. We encourage you to follow along on LinkedIn and join in the conversation. Because as Theresa likes to say: “I hope my predictions don’t come true and you never need them, but my goal with these is to engage and empower you and your organization to design plans now to combat what is coming next.”

Head on over to LinkedIn and let us start the AI conversation at  

Want more? For a copy of Theresa's full "Predicting the Future of Cybersecurity, Volume II" White Paper, which includes all her predictions from the last decade (and her team's evaluation of those predictions), email us at  

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