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Official Provider Announcement – Crown Jewel Insurance
February 15, 2023
Fortalice Solutions

Fortalice Solutions is thrilled to announce its partnership with Crown Jewel® Insurance.  

Crown Jewel® Insurance (CJI) and Fortalice Solutions, LLC today announced a partnership to provide a range of intelligence and cybersecurity tools and solutions to clients. This partnership announcement comes just days after CJI revealed the launch of a new Lloyd’s of London-backed insurance policy to provide first-party coverage for companies’ trade secrets. This new insurance, called Crown Jewel® Protector, is the first in the market to offer protection for the potentially huge loss in value a business can suffer if its trade secrets are stolen then made public or leaked to a competitor.

Fortalice will provide dark web digital footprints for CJI clients who take part in their Trade Secret Audit Program. These services include a hybrid of automated and human curated ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scans to reach the depths of the dark web that are often undetected by standalone automated scans. Fortalice will also conduct a cyber risk assessment in the initial phase of the partnership to level-set where CJI insureds stand on their cybersecurity journey and address opportunities for early improvement.

Fortalice will also provide “Digital Bodyguard Services,” delivering personalized solutions to discretely protect the digital lives of CJI stakeholders 24x7x365.  

Lastly, Fortalice is proud to work alongside Crown Jewel® Insurance as a fellow majority women-owned and operated business, recognizing that diversity and inclusion are not only key in Fortalice and CJI’s missions and long-term growth, but also in the broader fields of cybersecurity and insurance.  

About Crown Jewel Insurance

Crown Jewel® Insurance is an InsureTech and Lloyd’s Coverholder that focuses on Trade Secret Asset Risk Management (TSARM). Crown Jewel® Insurance (CJI) was found in 2021 by insurance-industry veteran Mary Guzman after she recognized the significant void in the insurance market for protection around Intellectual Property Assets. Crown Jewel’s goal is to equip innovative companies with the tools required to identify, value, and protect against theft of Intellectual Property Assets. For most of today’s companies the value of their intangible assets is far greater than the value of their tangible assets.  Our solution, Crown Jewel® Protector is the first trade secret insurance policy in the world.

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