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Upcoming Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training
June 3, 2022
Fortalice Solutions

Email to reserve your space in the upcoming Fortalice Virtual Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training course from October 17-20!

It’s on your LinkedIn profile, and in your latest tweet. It’s on your organization’s public-facing website, and in your company’s latest quarterly report. It starts with a simple Google search and grows from there. It’s everything anyone could find out about you and your organization, available through open-source intelligence, or OSINT.

What is OSINT? 

According to the CIA, open-source intelligence (OSINT) is information “drawn from publicly available material.” OSINT information is intended for public knowledge and is accessible without any specialized skills, tools, or subscriptions. This includes newspapers, magazine articles, social media platforms, public records websites, and more. In other words, OSINT is a phrase used to describe information obtained from non-classified sources. 

Whether you realize it or not, that seemingly trivial social media post or information available online can have major security consequences. Even a simple picture, location tag, or team event on social media could contain sensitive information that a threat actor can exploit.

But before you click back to check on those Facebook pictures you posted from last week’s office potluck, let’s talk about Fortalice OSINT Training.

How Fortalice Can Help 

The Fortalice Solutions OSINT team is hosting a U.S.-based course Virtual Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training course from October 17-20, where our global team of open-source intelligence experts will teach valuable lessons about how to strengthen individual and organizational security. 

This virtual event will cover topics such as advanced search engines, proactive intelligence research, imagery & video intelligence, data mining & geolocation, and more. 

Get in touch with our team at to reserve your space in the upcoming Fortalice Virtual Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training course.


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