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Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise & Simulations
November 2, 2022
Fortalice Solutions

Your organization has just been hit with ransomware. The incident response team is assembling as your executive leadership joins the conference call. A major cyber-attack is unfolding right in front of your eyes, a malicious cyber actor is knocking on your door, and your employees, customers, and the rest of the world are watching.  

Concerned? As you should be. But fortunately for you, this is just a test.

What are Tabletop Exercises (TTX)?

There are many facets to preparing your organization for a major cyber incident. Incident response playbooks, proper network hardening, and multiple levels of employee cyber hygiene training are par for the course. In theory, these solutions should ensure you’re ready for any cyber threat.

But how can you be sure all of that will pay off when you’re faced with a real-world scenario? Enter, tabletop exercises.

Tabletop exercises (TTX), at their best, are fully inclusive dry runs for your organization’s next big cyber incident. No matter if it is two-hours or all day, a well-organized TTX takes you into a world where a ransomware group, nation state, or other malicious actor sets their sights on your organization, and your key stakeholders must react and respond to twists and turns at multiple levels, working together to see the incident through to completion.

But if hosting – be it in person or virtual – your own comprehensive TTX sounds a bit daunting, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Whether you want an Executive-level TTX with participants from your Board and C-Suite, or your desire a more technical TTX to stress test your cybersecurity plans and playbooks, Fortalice stands ready to take your cybersecurity preparations to the next level.

The Fortalice Difference

At Fortalice, we believe preparation is the best strategy to protect an organization. That’s why we specialize in customized tabletop exercises that are tailored to uniquely fit your situation and meet you where you are on your cybersecurity journey.

To provide the best possible experience to our clients, we develop scenarios with multiple injects to guide the discussion and capture gaps in capabilities and processes. In addition, Fortalice facilitates the TTX by keeping the discussion on topic and moving forward against the goals established for the day.

Fortalice will work alongside your in-house team to tailor the most relevant scenario, adding wrinkles to stress-test your strengths and highlight your weaknesses. Our library of gold standard exercises is continuously growing, keeping pace with the current cybersecurity landscape and projecting what may be on the threat horizon.

So, if you’re interested in stepping up to the challenge to prepare today against tomorrow’s threats, or you’d like to hear more about our other service offerings, contact the team via email at