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Fortalice Solutions Announces New Partners
September 6, 2022
Fortalice Solutions

Fortalice Solutions CEO and Founder, Theresa Payton has announced the promotion of Bridget O’Connor and Melissa O’Leary to the position of Partner of Fortalice Solutions.

Bridget O’Connor is a seasoned operations and management professional responsible for Fortalice's operations and business development. Bridget serves as a stabilizing force managing the organization’s growth objectives, while representing Fortalice to clients and business partners with her dynamic, personable, and professional white glove style.

Melissa O’Leary is an unflappable results-driven professional. Melissa leads Fortalice's corporate strategy while also advising high-profile government and industry clients on cybersecurity issues, trends, and best practices. By balancing the company’s vision and values with sound, tailored decision-making, Melissa steers Fortalice toward achieving goals that meet its public and private sector clients’ diverse needs.

“Our mission is to bring together the sharpest minds in cyber security to protect people, businesses and Nations from the world’s most sophisticated adversaries. I am excited to announce this important milestone at Fortalice Solutions” said CEO and Founder, Theresa Payton. “Bridget and Melissa have proven to be exceptional executive leaders who have utilized their experience and expertise to serve Fortalice clients and help protect them from cybercrime.”

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