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Fortalice Solutions Offensive Security Partnership with Immaculata University
June 14, 2023
Fortalice Solutions

Fortalice Solutions is thrilled to announce our partnership with trailblazing, Immaculata University. Based in Pennsylvania, Immaculata has a rich history of more than 100 years of providing academic excellence, a commitment to DEI, and attracts students from diverse demographics from all over the world, both physically and virtually.

This partnership is to offer an accessible online course in Offensive Cybersecurity Operations, and Open-Source Intelligence taught by practitioners. We created this course for student learners and as an affordable opportunity for organizations to up skill, reward, and retain their existing cybersecurity and technology professionals. Fortalice is energized to bring this opportunity directly to our clients as a valuable training and development option!

The course, developed and instructed by Fortalice’s industry-leading offensive security team, will allow participants to learn the information needed to conduct practical, leading-edge Offensive Cybersecurity Operations and Open-Source Intelligence programs. Additionally, for those who decide to pursue the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification, the course will help you prepare to earn this highly sought-after certification by employers.

This engaging and novel course suits college students and cybersecurity professionals seeking a cost-effective way to increase their skills, learn the latest offensive security approaches, earn college credit, and satisfy training or continuing education requirements. Others that benefit from the course are professionals considering a career change to cybersecurity from technology, risk, audit, fraud, or compliance. Fortalice designed the course work to incorporate the latest tools, techniques, and procedures to allow students to succeed in exploiting vulnerabilities and evading cybersecurity defenses. The course is open to current IU students and non-students.  

Dates: August 28, 2023 – December 15, 2023

Cost: $1,500

Delivery: Online/Participants will have access to a Cybersecurity Lab

Participants will receive 3 undergraduate credits if they enroll in an Immaculata University degree program.

The course syllabus extends beyond technical proficiency to instruct participants on communicating rules of engagement, selling the business case for offensive cybersecurity, and reporting results to leadership teams. Additionally, students will learn not only penetration testing but also the basics of open-source intelligence gathering. The open-source portion is a primer to help attendees know how to use it as a key component in offensive security engagements. It is helpful in threat hunting, assisting with law enforcement cases, and tracking corporate and individual repetitional risks.

Participants can enroll for the fall semester for the first iteration of the online course. More information can be found on Immaculata University’s website. Email to register today!

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