Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications

The benefits of a coherent cybersecurity communication strategy within an organization are immeasurable. Effective communication strategies enable organizations to improve productivity, bolster a brand in the marketplace, and instill a sense of trust and loyalty among employees, clients, and stakeholders. Communicating your cybersecurity goals, challenges, and accomplishments goes hand in hand with protecting your organization’s cyber assets. Our Strategic Communications (StratCom) team works with public and private sector organizations of all sizes to ensure internal and external cyber communications are consistent, coordinated, and calibrated to match your mission and your stakeholders.  To that end,  it’s critical that your organization’s cybersecurity policies, guidance, and action plans are seamlessly integrated across the enterprise. Our StratCom team stands ready to make that happen.


At Fortalice, communications is not simply reacting or responding, it’s about being strategic, which means the right messages, via the right channels, to the right audiences, and aligned to the right goals and organizational objectives. For strategic communications to be effective, we know there is not a cookie cutter solution nor is, can, or should there be a one-size-fits-all remedy for each of our clients. Our StratCom team will work with you to develop appropriate messages, based on your individual needs and our extensive experience with planning and research across our portfolio. We will craft targeted audience-specific messages to help position an organization's – be that the larger organization or the CIO or CISO’s team – communication goals with its structural goals.

Team Roles:

A dedicated team of communications professionals, the StratCom team develops content and strategies that evaluate and improve your communications efforts to your internal and external stakeholders. Our team will evaluate your current state and advise you on the best communications strategies to help you achieve your organizational missions and goals. We strive to ensure your organization implements a dynamic and effective content strategy while enhancing information sharing with your leadership, employees, stakeholders, and vendors. Together, we will bolster your understanding of your customers’ and employees’ needs while enhancing your organizational influence and positioning. Our team offers a range of communications-related services, including:

• Executive leadership-level tabletop exercise design and execution

• Board benchmarking presentations and threat briefings

• Social media support

• Branding strategies

• Internal cybersecurity communications campaign and awareness planning

• Customer feedback collection, analysis, and reporting

Team Qualifications:

Our full-service StratCom team works to help our clients manage the cybersecurity risk. Our team members conform to the highest standards of the communications industry; they are professional, creative, ethical, passionate, and effective. Our practitioners specialize in outreach and communications based on decades of public and private sector experience. Team members and contributors include a former CIO of a major Fortune 500 bank, White House personnel, and a former reporter and graduate of Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. Too often cybersecurity companies provide brilliant technicians who cannot properly express their needs or accomplishments. Fortalice understands the importance of bringing the technical and communications sides of the house together. Do you have a masterful written and verbal communication skills and do you have an innate ability to understand diverse customer needs, and be conversant in client terminology, policies, organizational structure? Then we want you to join our team!