Security Engineering

Security Engineering

There is no “Easy” button for cybersecurity. No matter how much tool vendors extoll the advancements of their offerings, there is no pill that will magically bulletproof your environment. You need a trusted partner to help you implement and operationalize your approach to security. Fortalice can help; our engineers are industry-certified experts in helping define and implement a defensive security blueprint. From policy development to tuning and alerting, our Security Engineering team stands at the ready to augment your security staff.

The defensive strategy of yesterday will not adequately keep up with the threats of today. Your organization needs a prioritized approach to mitigate the risks it faces. At Fortalice, we transform a reactive security model into a proactive one with measurable results by maximizing and maturing your security posture.


Fortalice employs a group of security practitioners who work to understand your business needs and challenges while helping you mature your program. Our engineers have experience across multiple verticals in environments large and small, we know security and aim to leave a client more secure and more educated than we found them. Our Security Engineering services are tool agnostic, meaning we have a deep understanding of cybersecurity concepts and tooling along with multiple frameworks. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure our clients are prepared for an attack and resilient to future threats. We do that by giving our clients the tools and confidence to fortify their security; we are cybersecurity practitioners first, consultants second.

Team Roles:

The Fortalice Security Engineering team is a high-performance group of cybersecurity experts with experience ranging from commercial to government to VIP clients. Our portfolio includes clients in the public and private sectors, ranging from Fortune 100 companies and small to medium-sized businesses and Federal departments and agencies to VIP clients, including movie stars, professional athletes, and business executives. Every client is unique, the challenges and threats they face are very real. We are proud of the work we do every day to proactively secure clients’ personal and organizational risk while staying one step ahead of their adversaries.

Our team has in-depth knowledge in the following disciplines, including:

• Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

• Enterprise Detection and Response (EDR)

• Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

• Identity and Access Management (IAM)

• Network Architecture

• Compliance Frameworks (PCI, HIPPA, NERC, NIST, CSC)  

We work as an extension of your security team to help you meet your objectives while offering advisement on best practice based on years of experience. Our team has experience with best of breed tools in each of the above disciplines and can be an independent advisor during the tool selection process.

Team Qualifications:

Fortalice engineers understand complex defensive security concepts and enjoy problem solving while measuring their results. We only employ subject matter experts that can consistently provide our clients the white glove service to which they have grown accustomed. We have found that smart people want to work with and learn from other smart people, so we’ve set the bar high for joining our team. We believe we can teach and coach our teammates on all concepts of defensive security, but they have to come to us with their own passion. If you want to work among a diverse and inclusive team made up of elite defensive security engineers and the best and brightest architects in the industry, you may be a fit for our team.