Incident Response

Incident Response

There are new cyber threats on the horizon every day. Who will you call when the unthinkable happens? Fortalice engineers are security practitioners who understand both the technical aspect of a cyber incident as well as the business challenges an incident introduces. Our responders have worked incidents and investigations for our clients – large and small – and we specialize and take pride in returning them back to business as usual.

Recently, one of our clients – an IT veteran himself – came to Fortalice for help. A cyber-attack had left 75 percent of his company’s digital footprint encrypted with ransomware, in an incident that our client described as the “worst day of my 20-year career.” This is where our Incident Response team shines; our team helped strategize an eradication and remediation plan to get his organization’s environment back up and running.

Not only do we offer real-time response to incidents, we also offer proactive services to help plan for a cybersecurity event. Our team works hand in hand with yours to develop an IR plan that helps you navigate the incident while focusing on achieving your business continuity objectives. We use our years of enterprise experience to understand your environment and define a strategy to get you to recovery much more quickly.


Our Fortalice team of responders will partner with your IT team and shepherd you through the Containment, Eradication, and Recovery phases of an incident. Our engineers combine world class forensic training and white glove service with the goal of making your organization whole again. We know that time to remediation is critically important when dealing with cybersecurity events, so Fortalice offers 24/7 coverage to help you in your time of crisis. Our engineers understand complex environments and have compassion for assisting victims of cybercrimes. Our goal is to get you back operational with an elevated security posture in as little time as possible because our clients deserve nothing less; what we do, we do well.

Team Roles:

The Fortalice IR team consists of the best and brightest engineers in the industry. We all share one thing in common; a passion for making the world a safer, more secure place to live and work. Fortalice has helped clients of all sizes across nearly every sector of the economy bounce back from crippling incidents while advising them on cybersecurity best practices.

We believe that preparation is the best strategy to protect your organization. Through our proactive services we help our clients plan their response in alignment with industry standards to minimize impact of an event. To help mature your IR program, we offer Tabletop Exercises that simulate real world scenarios ripped from the headlines. We believe all our client relationships are partnerships. We strive to educate our clients while being empathetic and meeting them where they are, especially in their time of need.

Team Qualifications:

One of the Fortalice brand values is courage, and we encourage our teammates to conquer fears while doing the right things as we grow. Our IR team includes former entrepreneurs, former employees of “three-letter agencies,” and recent college graduates; we believe a diverse and inclusive team makes for a well-rounded arsenal to service our clients’ every concern. We believe none of us is as smart as all of us; we leverage our collective talents to solve problems for our clients be it commercial or government.

Our work is challenging, rewarding, and sometimes exhausting, but never dull. We encourage our teammates to stay current on the ever-evolving threat landscape while sharing their knowledge with the rest of our teams. If you’re an intelligent, passionate cybersecurity engineer who has integrity at your core you may be a good fit for our team!